Providing Information


You have the option of visiting our site as an anonymous user without providing us with any information. However, we will collect information if you choose to join as a registered user, make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter subscription or fill out a survey.


In such instances, we need you to provide your name, email, physical mailing address, telephone number or payment information (e.g. credit card).


Your site makes use of DART cookies from Google, which allows them to serve ads on this site as a third party vendor. These cookies allow users to receive ads in relation to the specific sites they visit on the Internet, including ours. Should a user decide to waive this option, they can visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy to disable DART cookies.


Using Your Information


Collecting information helps our site function in different ways:


  • Each user's needs are unique, thus your information helps us tailor your experience and make it as personalized as possible.

  • Your information allows us to periodically correspond with you regarding new developments about the company or our products and services. However, you have the option to unsubscribe from receiving such correspondences from us – we provide directions on how to do this.

  • We collect information when you participate in contests, promotions, surveys or use features on our site.

  • Your feedback allows us to identify points of improvement that ultimately benefits our users, including you.

  • Your information allows us to communicate with you should you need assistance or support for any inquiries or issues.

  • Any user information collected for processing purchases on our site will not be disclosed to any third parties or entities, nor will it be used for any other reason.


Keeping Your Information Safe


We secure all personal information you provide by encrypting this data through a Secure Socket Layer connection (SSL) whenever you interact with our site. This includes purchasing or accessing your online account.


All payment information sent through this secure connection goes to a database that can only be viewed or accessed by parties who have specific credentials and are legally bound to keep this data secure. Furthermore, our secure server does not keep this payment information once the purchase has been processed.


Using cookies and how it affects you


Cookies are files from websites that are transferred to your computer (with your consent).These cookies allow websites to "remember" you by identifying basic information such as which browser you are using.


Furthermore, it helps us keep track of your specific preferences along with the contents of your online purchases on our site. Cookies also help us determine which parts of our website that are most important to you.


Advertisers may also use cookies to serve relevant ads according to how you visit websites on the Internet, including ours.


All in all, cookies allow us to predict user behavior which helps us to understand how you interact with our site. This in turn helps optimize your experience by improving the features on our site.


Authorized service providers may help us with analyzing user data in order to accomplish the said improvement process, but they are forbidden from handling this information for any other purpose.


Having said all this, you have the option not to allow cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.


Third parties and your information


We keep all of your personal information confidential and do not send it to other entities through any means. While there may be authorized third parties who help us analyze user information in order to improve our business operations, they are bound by a confidentiality agreement not to use this data for any other purpose.


Furthermore, we may provide non-identifiable information to other business entities involved in marketing or advertising activities. Thus, none of our users can be identified with this basic information and they remain anonymous.


Your information will only be released under extreme circumstances wherein we are bound to comply with law enforcement agencies, need to adhere to our own site policies, uphold the safety of our other users and/or our property.


Other products and services


There may be occasions when our website will include products and services from other companies. These third party sites have their own privacy policies that are different from ours. Thus, we are not liable or responsible for the use of these products and services.

However, we actively collect any comments or feedback about these third party sites (along with their products and services) in order to maintain the integrity of our own site.


Offline Information


The scope of our privacy policy is only online and includes user information specifically from our website. This does not cover information that is collected offline.


Agreeing to the privacy policy


Individuals who use our site agree with the terms and conditions stated in the online privacy policy.


Updates to the Privacy Policy


This page will reflect any changes made to our privacy policy.


For any questions or feedback


We welcome your input regarding our privacy policy. Kindly direct all communication through the following channels:


P.O. Box 5175
Christchurch, Canterbury 8542
New Zealand